María Luisa Martín

María Luisa Martín

María Luisa Martin de Lezameta has been part of Professional Law International since June ‘19. She has the role of Franciska Smidt's personal assistant, although they have known each other for more than twenty-five years, having met in another law firm, where Luisa worked at the reception and as a translator.

Educated between two cultures, the Anglo-Saxon thanks to her mother of English and Spanish nationality on the part of her father, from a very young age she has dedicated and specialized in customer service, which has led her to be an enterprising woman and businesswoman in her Marbella town as owner and director of a Nursery School for 15 years.

Sports fan participates in different races and modalities such as mountain trial, cycling and climbing.

Among the values that stand out and contribute the most when dealing with clients of Professional Law International are… sincerity, humility, commitment, responsibility and involvement, values that give the client security in their business.

Currently she feels very proud and united with her new work team, which encourages her to excel professionally day by day.

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