Mercedes Fernández

Mercedes Fernández

Mercedes Fernández has been part of the team since 2017.

Born in Argentina and graduated in Administration and Finance FP in Marbella (Malaga), she works as an administrator in Gestoría Lo & Al.

The development of their tasks is based on procedures of Deeds, Inheritances,

Patronage and everything related to supplies and non-resident tax. Also procedures in traffic.

Its exhaustive nature contributes to our office a management and decisive results that help the entire team to solve any procedure that is required.

There are no barriers for our colleague Mercedes: decisive, insightful and


Her most commented phrase is: “every day something new is learned” that

perfectly reflects her receptive will to break down any barrier that we sometimes encounter along the way.

Athlete and outgoing, there is no doubt that Mercedes is a great contribution to

our team. Thanks to it, the gear of the administrative tasks that we carry out are much more effective when they are done by your side.

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