Real Estate Legal & Contracts

Real Estate Legal & Contracts

Attorney Franciska Smidt helps clients sort all legal matters pertaining to:

Legal matters pertaining to conveyancing matters:

Contracts between parties related to real estate matters such as:

  • Private purchase contracts
  • Option to purchase contracts
  • Rental contracts
  • Professional service contracts with architects or constructors
  • Loan contracts
  • Mortgage agreements
  • Private agreements Wills & inheritance procedures

Incorporation of Spanish Companies, as well as registration of foreign companies to become active in Spain.

Personal Agreements, most of which are the initial step to finalize agreements by signing title/mortgage/settlement

Deeds at a public notary, either in Spain or any other country.


All formalities related to the above in collaboration with the third parties related to the client, such as their own advisors, notaries, land & trade registries, Spanish fiscal & administrative authorities, and banks, to guarantee a healthy Investment and/or close a transaction with the client's best interest at mind at all time.

Franciska Schmidt
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